Digital Photo Frames are the new craze that has been hitting the market within the last year or so. With the decrease in price of digital camera, the digital frame got popularity. A digital photo frame is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need to print them or use a computer.Digital frame is best source of displaying digital camera picture in different styles. These are providing a great way to display those fabulous shots without having to print them.

Photo frames are small monitors that display digital photos on an LCD screen. Most frames have screens that are five to ten inches. But, there are a few that are as large as 15 inches. Various features that are available in a digital photo frame include screen resolution, internal memory, frame styles, installed software, multiple viewing modes and memory card compatibility. It comes with rechargeable batteries. Some even have built-in mp3 players so that music can be played while certain pictures are displayed.

When shopping for a photo frame, it's best to see the different models in action before buying. There are quality differences and size differences that are hard to detect unless the unit is turned on and sample photos are displayed. This may be tough to accomplish, as many retailers are not providing shelf space because the products are still so new to the marketplace.

With the spreading popularity of digital camera, LCD digital frame has also joined the trend. A stylish and reliable LCD frame can definitely add extra charm to our home decoration. With perfect digital colors, rich and stunning photo will be display by our LCD digital photo frame.

Sony digital photo frame come with variety of slide show display options. We can adjust timing and pause of slide show. One very good feature of Sony frame is its adjustment of images according to our calendar. We can adjust whole year event with picture. Sony digital frame is a great addition to home and office decor.

A digital photo frame consists of three main parts, the LCD-panel, the outside frame and the PCB. This frame provides the same emotion-rich experience as a traditional photo album without handling and without occupying the computer or the TV set. Eye-catching in the room, it is also a more casual way to show off pictures to visitors. It provides an immediate way of sharing photos.


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A key step in organizing your files is to determine the categories by which your files fall under. To structure categories, take advantage of Folders. Perhaps you have a set of subcategories that fall under documents. They could be, for example: Press Releases, White Papers, Handouts, Brochures, etc. Within those folders, you want to make sure you use a brief, descriptive file name that will not only be an understandable reference to you, but to collections who need to access to the same data.

Are there multiple versions of a file that you need to keep? Consider a dating structure (presentation-2012-01.pdf) or an alphanumeric structure (Document-A.pdf). If you have date based files, begin the file name with the year, month and day, if necessary (2012-01-25-document.pdf) so that all your documents are listed in order by the date named / saved from top to bottom. A date-first naming convention is a great method for saving batches of photos, as many people remember when a picture was taken, allowing them to narrow down their search easily.

Even more care needs to be practiced on the World Wide Web (aka: the internet). In all file names, whether online or offline, you should stick with using ONLY the following characters:


abcdefgh I jklmnopqrstuvwxyz

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

– (hyphen) _ (underscore)
The first reason is that with such a limited option of characters, you and your colleges will likely be better able to stick to an organization system.

The second reason is that special characters (like apostrophes, commas,!, &, (,), Etc.) can not be read by internet bots when in file names. Therefore, your uploaded file will likely be un-open. Special characters can also break links for us humans and prevent file uploading and sharing.

The third reason you should only use these limited characters is because if your file name has spacebar spaces in it, the spaces will be replaced by "% 20". Have you seen web addresses similar to the following example?




The internet does not like space bar spaces in file names, and this% 20 replacement looks awesome in website addresses. To avoid this, use a hyphen or underscore in all your file names, especially those you expect to upload to the internet. Now does not this look better? It's easier to read too!




For best SEO (search engine optimization) practices, however, use a hyphen rather than an underscore. When using hyphens in place of spaces, Search Engine algorithms can arrange the words of a file in any order to give you more search engine search results. If you use underscores, the order of the terms can only be ranked by Search Engines in the order presented.

Chances are, you have not been following all these best practices, so, you may have a bit of clean-up to address. But once your practices are in place and used regularly, locating and sharing files will become hassle free for everyone on your team.


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Although Macs are often deemed the most user-friendly computers, many Mac users do not know much about computer maintenance. This is because Mac OS cleverly hides all the cumbersome applications it runs to keep the system secure and healthy. Unfortunately, while this maintains Apple's signature look and feel, it also takes away the user's ability to easily monitor and maintain the health of their computer.
Below, I recommend several procedures that can be performed by most Mac users without much difficulty, which will help safeguard your computer from data loss.

Be SMART, Monitor your hard drives

SMART stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology and allows you to run diagnostics on your hard drive to determine if a failure is imminent. In order to run the tool, launch Disk Utility (Applications: Utilities) and click on the top level indicator for your drive in the left-hand column. In the bottom of the window, you should see something like "SMART Status: Verified". If you do not see "SMART status" at all, your Mac does not support the technology. If you see "SMART status" but do not see "Verified", your drive may be at risk of imminent failure. In this case, your best bet is to backup your data and replace the drive. This simple, but often overlooked procedure may save you from losing your data. One other thing worth noting is that although there is a myriad of 3rd party applications that can run these diagnostics automatically, be advised that using such utilities in the event of a hardware failure can cause extensive damage to the drive.

Clean up files

This is pretty self-explanatory and is applicable to all computer users – take some time to organize your files on a regular basis. Clean up any downloads or files from your desktop and place the files into appropriate folders. This will not only save time, but will also protect you from losing files due to bad sectors.

UNIX Maintenance Scripts

Mac OS uses automatic maintenance routines called maintenance scripts to clean up system log files and other temporary files. The three scripts are designed to run daily, weekly and monthly. The problem is that these scripts are set by default to run late at night when most Macs are either off or sleeping. If the computer is off or in sleep mode during this time, the scripts will not run and the log files will grow in size, clogging up the startup disk and slowing down performance. The good news is there are a number of 3rd party programs that exist that allow the user to set different times at which to run the scripts, including MacJanitor (v.1.3 or later for Tiger) and Anacron among others.

I will be reviewing these titles and many others in the weeks to come so stay tuned. In the meantime, visit our website to learn more about Mac maintenance, data recovery tips, and other useful stuff.


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The laptop protective sleeve helps you to make things easier. Carrying your laptop everywhere, of course you want to find a way to carry it in flexibility, ensuring its safety from any physical damage such as scratch while carrying it on your bag. Previously, you may carry your gadget in a way that you should bring it on its specific bag, which is commonly black and only fits for your laptop, thus requires you to bring another bag to carry our books or other belongings.

Today, the laptop protective sleeve is available in different style, color, and also specified in design for specific size and brand of notebook. The protection tools of your laptop are also available in specified purpose to optimize the physical protection of your laptop. You can install the laptop protective skin on the computer accessories’ stores, to ensure the laptop’s surface protection free from any possible scratch. The shield is also available in handy design such as the one that you can find for laptop protective pouch. It is available on cute design that may catch everyone’s attention. You can also find on the internet the laptop protector case that gives flexibility to carry your gadget everywhere without worrying its safety in your bag. The laptop case is now available in a different range of price. The price depends on the material, the design, and also the size of your laptop. You may search for the laptop protective sleeve price on the internet. You may also go to the computer accessories store near you to find the sleeve such as the Macbook protective that you want and meet your style. You may also compare sleeve laptop price based on its price and design that meets your style and necessity.

You may find the laptop protective sleeve that has multifunction use to carry your other gadget such as USB, external hard disk or cell phone together with your laptop. Usually, there is also service for made to order for the notebook protective sleeve based on the size and specific design of the gadget. The Powerbook protective is the one that usually generate special attention from the users to have specific design. You can also find the specific design and size of laptop protective sleeve neoprene in affordable price on the internet. However, bringing your laptop inside the sleeve still needs your attention to put it on a place that may prevent the gadget to get any unexpected outer harm. For example, the LCD protective sleeve may protect your laptop, but you still need to pay attention on the place where you put your laptop.


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I bet almost every one of you may get a mp3 player. The new gadget really has brought us wonderful experience. To be an experienced user of mp3 player, one need clear examination of e user manual first, and the considered amount of practice. Be able to use is just the beginning, finding out what it can do except your anticipation is more interesting and challenging. Here goes the mp3 trick for beginners.

Use earpiece as FM tuner. A lot of users complain that they can not receive FM radio or it seems that their players never work in FM tuning. It is reasonable. Most players adopt internal antenna which is bad in receiving signals. To make things worse, most of you live / work in city buildings which will need and even block the signal. One good solution is to use the earpiece when tuning. The long wire serves "external" antenna at this time, and consolidate signal strength. You can test this if you do not believe. And you will be surprised to find that at many places (office room, apartment, etc) where it can not tune-in previously, now you get clarity of sound and selectable programs.

Take care of the battery. Most players use built-in rechargeable batteries and replacing a battery needs specific technique which means when anything happens to or affects the battery, it will render the player useless. Basic rules are avoiding heat / moisture / water, do not recharge until the player is completely drained, enough charge at one time, One acknowledgment is that the Lithium-ion battery has limited life span and the capacity will degrade naturally as time goes by . A few measures can slow down the degradation; they are regular breaking charge after particular time of using (one month, for example) and always keeping it cool.

Save power and gain longer performance. Do you know that almost every player can last longer than its specified hours. To achieve this, you have to take power saving measures.

1. Set back light time. There is no need to turn the back light on always, it wastes power. Set auto turn off after one minute of no operation.

2. Adjust brightness. Excessive bright color is not good, it hurts eyes, causes eye weariness. Adjust the brightness that best suit to your eyes.

3. Auto turn off. Forget to turn off when you fall into sleep? Set auto turn off and save power.

You need more excitement. An mp3 player, is not just a kind of personal music device, but an excellent source of all kinds of entertainment systems. You can connect it to your computer speaker, hear music from speakers without turning on the computer; or treat your guests by connecting it to your home stereo system; when on the rode, enjoy music by hooking the mp3 player to your car stereo system. With technology unification, you will find that your mp3 players are compatible to large varieties of other devices.


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There are only a handful of instances when Apple will discount its new Macs and MacBooks. The two most notable incidents are for academia purposes and for Black Friday promotions. Apple Education discounts are available year-round. Students, teachers and academic administrators are eligible for this special pricing program. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. The vast majority of stores reserve their biggest and best sales for this popular shopping day.

To qualify for Apple Student and Education discounts, one must be enrolled or working at an academic institution. Verification is required, either through some physical identification card or through an academic email address. The enforcement of these guidelines may be stricter for those shopping at Apple retail stores as opposed to shopping online, where verification looks more lax. Apple Education Discounts vary depending on the product, but are pretty much capped off at 10%. The average discount is approximately 7-8%.

Black Friday offers similar deals to consumers who are not part of academia. This once in a year occasion highlights Apple's only sale. Every year speculators look forward to aggressive price cuts in the arena of 20-25%. Unfortunately, the pattern over the years looks to be more around the 10%. Apple Black Friday offers focus primarily on Mac systems such as desktops and MacBooks. Apple iPods are also included in the promotional efforts.

It is no surprise that Apple rarely discounts their new products. Because Macs, MacBooks, iPods and iPhones are so popular, there is not really a need to market and push the products through discounts. Rather, one can imagine it being quite reasonable for Apple to maintain a premium value for these hot consumer items.

An often unexplored option for consumers interested in discounted Apple merchandise is for them to consider Apple Certified Refurbished Products. These products can be found and purchased only through Apple's online store. Found on a special deals section on the website, Macs, MacBooks and iPods are found to be discounted by as much as 40% off. MacBooks can be found priced by as much as 15% below original selling price. The savings pocked with Apple Certified Refurbished Macs can be significantly more than that from Education and Black Friday sales.

Apple Certified Refurbished Products are merchandise that comes from orders that have been recently canceled or returned. They are inspected, tested, restored and repackaged by Apple. They are resold with the same warranty as their new counterparts and with the same accessories, cables and manuals.


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There are lots and lots of really real winged creatures – birds, bats, insects, and in prehistoric times flying reptiles like pterosaurs/pterodactyls. One might even count ‘flying’ fish or ‘flying’ foxes or squirrels if one had a broad enough definition of ‘flying’. But just because you have wings of course doesn’t of necessity mean you can fly. There are lots of terrestrial flightless birds for example yet they still have wings.

There are also a lot of mythological creatures that fly – the griffin (or gryphon – alt spelling), the dragon, and on and on and on. One can’t of course forget Pegasus, the flying winged horse as one of those.

Now perhaps these are real terrestrial animals. Alas, despite lots of eyewitness accounts, there are no dead bodies available for examination or any other fossil evidence for them.

Or perhaps they are misinterpretations of real, or once real, terrestrial animals. In that latter case, dragons or griffins are misinterpretations of fossils. That’s highly unlikely IMHO. Perfectly intact, fully articulated, fully exposed large winged reptiles from the Age of Dinosaurs are as rare as hen’s teeth. Any vertebrate palaeontologist would probably sell their soul to the Devil for such a find. The norm is for much of any vertebrate fossil skeleton to have substantial bits missing; what remains is usually in a jumbled state; and near all of it is buried and out of sight.

Perhaps they are really real, but not of this Earth, that is to say, they are extraterrestrial, or in other words, alien life forms. That’s the most likely scenario IMHO.

But of course the most logical explanation is that they are, as common knowledge has it, entirely mythological – that is purely fictional with as much reality as a $7 bill!


One facet in particular leads me to suggest that such beasties were considered as much a part of the ancient’s menagerie as animals we today know exist. That is, dragons, Pegasus and griffins were 3-D physical flesh-and-blood organisms: for example…

*Dragons: I find it interesting that in the Chinese calendar, there are years for the rat; ox; tiger; rabbit; snake; horse; goat; monkey; rooster; dog; pig and dragon. Of all the twelve, only the dragon is considered by modern society mythical. I find it odd that the Chinese would employ eleven real beasties and one mythical one. Perhaps all dozen were real!

If only a Chinese emperor or empress could, under pain of death for transgressors, wear an image of a dragon, it’s because their dragons weren’t fictional. Could you imagine the President of the United States being the only American allowed under the Constitution to wear a Felix-the-Cat tee-shirt and anyone else receives the death penalty for doing so? It could only take place in the context of a really real highly significant ‘animal’ that would we think be offended if just anyone of the great unwashed wore their image. Such extreme penalties are more than just a tad hard to comprehend if the ancient Chinese knew perfectly well that there weren’t such things as dragons. Translated, the ancient Chinese (and other cultures) took their dragons very seriously indeed. The fact that the serious occupation of dragon-slaying is a popular, widespread image in ancient, even historical times speaks volumes IMHO.

Dragons could also be used in place of horses and hitched to aerial chariots. Medea (of Jason and the Argonauts fame) had an aerial dragon-drawn chariot.

And if you believe in the accuracy of the Bible then you need to accept the reality of, for example, those dragons.

Dragons were considered flesh-and-blood right through the Middle Ages; dragon-lore persists right down to our own modern era as witnessed by their popularity in video games, films and novels.

*Griffins: I recall seeing a photograph of an ancient Greek pottery piece, vase probably, that had surrounding the circumference illustrations of various animals, animals we today instantly recognise as a representation of reality. Bulls, horses, dogs, ducks, etc. – oh, smack dab in the middle of this reality was an image of a griffin!

Griffins dominate the images in the throne room of the palace at Knossos in Minoan Crete from roughly over 3,500 years ago. Ditto that at in the throne room at the Palace of Nestor at Pylos, Mycenae in Greece. That has images of lions, deer, and of course griffins!

One tends to decorate objects like murals and pottery with familiar things, and what could be more familiar than animals. If you hark back to all those Palaeolithic cave artists, nearly all their artistic images were of animals that all and sundry can recognise and name today with very few exceptions. So, the logic follows that if you have lots of images (and statues, etc.) of griffins, then griffins were a familiar animal and therefore no doubt really composed of flesh-and-blood.

Griffins were also well known and established in ancient Old Kingdom Egyptian lore as well, as far back as 3,300 BCE in fact. They were no stranger back in ancient Assyria and Sumer, in fact throughout the entire ancient Middle East. The popularity and reality of griffins extended right on through to and including the Middle Ages.

*Pegasus was that famous winged horse of ancient Greece. Pegasus was born out of a pregnant Gorgon, the Medusa, after her decapitation by Perseus.

Pegasus has been depicted on a 4th Century BCE Corinthian silver coin as well as on other antiquities such as a Parthian era bronze plate excavated in now modern day Iran. Of course Pegasus is well represented too as a stellar constellation.

Pegasus wasn’t the only flying horse, of course. The Greek sun god, Helios, had his chariot pulled across the sky daily by a team of white winged horses.

There are lots of similar illustrations of a mixing between the obviously real animal kingdom and the ‘obviously’ mythological equivalent in the various artistic, even everyday works of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc.

Further, there’s nothing in the ancient texts or inscriptions or images that says “Hey stupid, this is a work of fiction. I’ve imagined this all on my own. Aren’t I really something for having conceived of this?”

And that’s the crux of the question – did the ancients know that dragons, griffins and say Pegasus were as fictional as we know Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are? If so, did they just go along for the ride and the fun of it all, or did they accept their reality like we accept the existence of giraffes and the platypus? The latter is the answer.

Having, I trust, established the plausibility that griffins, dragons and Pegasus might exist, what about even more interesting, even exotic, winged beasties – of the humanoid kind.

Just as we tend to be more interested in and fascinated by extraterrestrial intelligence relative to extraterrestrial critters, and for obvious anthropological reasons associate intelligence with images of ourselves, or at least variations on that image – call it the humanoid image. One has to look no further than the depiction of intelligent aliens in the movies or on TV – nearly all have some sort of humanoid face.

So, I’m more interested in a humanoid extraterrestrial context, which is not to suggest that dragons or griffins couldn’t really be alien but non-humanoid, rather I’m just looking for something say that’s not just alien but human or humanoid in appearance with wings, and for that one needs to further examine primarily ancient mythology.


*The trio of Greek Erinyes, more commonly called the Eumenides or Furies (Roman) were hags that had snakes for hair and wings too. They go by the names of Alecto, Megaira and Tsiphone.

*The Gorgons were a trio of rather ugly appearing Greek ladies with copper hands, large fangs, snakes for hair, oh, and gold wings. The most famous of the trio was Medusa, decapitated by the hero Perseus. Medusa was the only one of the three who was vulnerable. The other two Gorgons (Stheno and Euryale) were apparently immortal, or should that be translated as just having an extremely long natural lifespan compared to humans since nothing can be really immortal unless the Universe itself is infinite in duration.

*Harpies (quasi-vultures) were monstrous flying creatures, half-bird and half-woman with the heads and faces of girls with claw-like fingers. The trio were called Aello, Calaeno and Ocypete. They had rather unhygienic habits of fouling things via their extreme bad breath or by pooping on people’s food. Disgusting!

*The Lamassu (or Shedu) were life-size winged lions or bulls respectively with human heads in ancient Mesopotamian or Assyrian mythology. They played the role of guardians.

*Sirens were bird-like creatures with girls’ faces and exquisite voices that any man would die for – and many did. Fortunately, they were outsmarted by two of ancient Greeks most noted heroes – Odysseus and Jason (of the Argonauts). Odysseus did the trick by plugging his crew’s ears with wax while he himself was tightly strapped and bound to his ship’s mast and thus could not surrender even if he wanted to – which he did. Jason thwarted the Sirens via having one of his crew, Orpheus, sing louder and better than the Sirens – drowned them out as it were. Not so much fighting fire with fire, but fighting vocals with a vocal. There’s some dispute about the exact number of Sirens – it varies between two and five, but the standard tradition number is three – Parthenope, Leucosia and Ligeia.

*Sphinx: In this case it’s the Greek version of a winged lion with a feminine face and head that was famous for posing a riddle (much like the operatic heroine Turndot). Much like with Turandot, if you failed to answer the riddle of the Sphinx (or in Turandot’s case, a trilogy of riddles) you forfeited your life by becoming a Sphinx-snack (or in Turandot’s case, via the use of that time-honoured phrase, “off with his head”).


*Angels: Sorry, despite the zillions of images found across and around the world, angels, as in Biblical angels, haven’t a wing to share between the whole lot of them. So, angels really shouldn’t be mentioned here though I will just because of that popular misconception. Readers will expect to see angels referenced. Angels however could easily be extraterrestrial since they are clearly identified as sky beings from somewhere up there. You could say their home world address somewhere out there as described is a fairly exotic one.

*Boreas (Greek – North Wind): Well one would just about expect a deity representing the wind to have wings.

*Calais (Greek) was the son of Boreas and like father, like son – he had wings upon his back, or feet, depending on what version you read. His claim to mythological fame was being one of the crew on the Argonaut and doing battle with the Harpies.

*Cherub: In modern English the word cherub is sometimes used for what are strictly putti, baby or toddler angels, or winged children in fact, mainly shown in works of art. Sort of like our current images of Eros or Cupid but without the bow and arrows! In this case the cherubs appear to have some sort of kinship with the fairy-folk. Check out images of fairies and they are, though not childlike, are tending to be small and winged.

*Cherubim (Biblical): The cherubim (singular is cherub) are actually Assyrian in origin. They were depicted as enormous eagle-winged beings with the bodies of lions with human heads (Lammasu) or human heads on the bodies of bulls (Shedu). They seemed however to have shape-shifted from their Assyrian image just a bit and taken on a different persona in the Bible, especially prominent in the Old Testament. However, it was these beasties, a composite of some things human and wings that morphed into the stereotyped image of an angel, especially as both played the role of guardians. However, cherubim are named as such in the Bible and their image is anything but traditionally angelic. Angels and cherubim are two separate entities.

The definitive book in the Bible on cherubim is the Book of Ezekiel, mainly 1:10 and 10:14. The prophet Ezekiel first describes cherubim as a tetrad of living creatures, each having four faces: of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle. Later there’s a slight shift to cherub, man, lion, and eagle. They are said to have four wings each. Two of the wings extended upward, while the other two stretched downward and covered the creatures themselves. In the New Testament similar beings are mentioned in Revelation 4: 7 with four faces: a man, a flying eagle, a lion and a calf. But just to muddy the waters, these entities had six wings each. That means they must be the somewhat related Seraphim since they instead of four wings have six wings. Just to further distance cherubim from traditional angels in either Ezekiel or Revelation, the cherubim’s wings are multi-eyed – no doubt that’s all the better to see you with I guess.

If you check out 1 Kings 6 (KJV), you’ll find that cherubs have a wingspan of 10 cubits, and a height of 10 cubits, at least I gather that must be their real life size since Solomon manufactured two of them, I assume on a one-to-one scale. The whole story is repeated in the third chapter of 2 Chronicles by the way. Now a cubit is roughly 18 to 22 inches; say 20 inches on average. So our model cherub is 200 inches tall; ditto the wingspan. That’s a tad over 16 ½ feet! Well, the Assyrians did say their versions were enormous being life-sized!

You’ll also find several references to someone hitching a ride on a flying cherub (2 Samuel 22:11 and Psalm 18:10). At over 16 feet, well that sounds plausible.

*Eros (Cupid or Amour to the Romans) was in Greek mythology a deity with wings, celebrated or cursed by lovers or ex-lovers around the world.

*Eurus: (Greek – East Wind): See Boreas above.

*Fairies are known throughout the world, and it’s a rare image that doesn’t show them without wings.

*Hypnos is the Greek god of sleep; twin of Thanatos; born of the goddess Nyx (night) and her brother Erebus (darkness). Hypnos has wings attached to his head!

*Nike: The Greek goddess of victory (Victoria in the Roman pantheon), was the winged daughter of Pallas and Styx.

*Notus (Greek – South Wind): See Boreas above.

*Thanatos is the Greek personification of death; twin of Hypnos; born of the goddess Nyx (night) and her brother Erebus (darkness).

*Zephyrus or Zephyr (Greek – West Wind): See Boreas above.

*Zetes (Greek): See comments on Calais above. It’s the same story.

ARTIFICIALLY WINGED HUMANS: Some reports of winged humans have wings that aren’t biological but technological.

*Daedalus and his son Icarus in Greek mythology both donned self-manufactured wax-wings in order to escape imprisonment in Crete. Things ended badly for Icarus. Because this is relatively low-tech, just wax and feathers (the prototype of the hang-glider-parachute) and there’s nothing else to suggest that these figures are anything but purely human beings in every sense of the term, I personally dismiss them from any further consideration in the context of this essay.

*Hermes (Mercury to the Romans) was among other duties, a messenger deity with winged helmet and winged sandals to facilitate his duties.

*Perseus, son of Zeus and the mortal woman Danae (and therefore a demigod), the heroic Greek slayer of the Gorgon Medusa, also had a pair of winged shoes with which to fly upon. Unlike Hermes, he didn’t have a winged helmet, rather, like Hades, an invisibility helmet.

MODERN WINGED HUMANOIDS: In modern cryptozoology, there’s no shortage of sightings of large unknown species of birds or bird-like creatures. Humanoids with wings are cited rather less frequently. One exception however was Mothman.

*Mothman: When talking real modern winged humanoids, one would be remiss not to mention Mothman, a winged hominoid with glowing red eyes, associated with the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia around the period of November 1966 through December 1967. Mothman’s been the subject of several books, dozens of articles, and at least one motion picture (“The Mothman Prophecies” – 2002). However, there have been no sightings since. Perhaps Mothman’s a purely imaginary half-breed, one never before or after seen. Well, maybe yes and maybe no.

DISCUSSION: If the ancients thought there was anything unusual, anomalous, out of place, or out of the ordinary with the presence of winged creatures or winged humanoids in their midst, I’ve found no reference to it. Despite having wings though, it isn’t obvious that all these beasties from ancient history could actually fly. Images from ancient times clearly show Pegasus and dragons in flight, but not griffins, despite Apollo’s gold chariot, by some accounts being pulled by griffins (other accounts suggest swans). Also those Lamassu (or Shedu) aren’t actually depicted in flight. Ditto that of the Greek version of the Sphinx.

One interesting facet that emerges from this brief examination is that the Harpies, Gorgons, Furies and Sirens all seem to be kissing cousins; all nasty predatory examples on the feminine side of the coin. They all come in a trilogy. All are ultimately descended from the Titans branch of the Greek pantheon. All are shown in flight mode. All were dangerous to mortals. That may have nothing to do with the subject at hand of course, but it’s a connection I haven’t seen mentioned in the literature, not that I’ve digested every morsal on the subject which would be a very forbidding task indeed.

Slightly off topic, related to the Gorgons (sisters in fact) but un-winged though swan-like, are yet another trio of grey-haired crones, the Graeae (Enyo, Pemphredo and Deino) whose mythological claim to fame, apart from unwillingly assisting Perseus, was that they had to share their single tooth and lone eye between them.

Also those who can trace their ancestry in part or in full back to the Titans are Nike and Eros.

None of the original six Olympian gods and goddesses, Zeus (Jupiter), Hera (Juno), Poseidon (Neptune), Hades (Pluto), Hestia (Vesta) and Demeter (Ceres) was winged. The latter eight, Ares (Mars), Athena (Minerva), Apollo (Apollo), Artemis (Diana), Aphrodite (Venus), Hermes (Mercury), Hephaestus (Vulcan) and latecomer Dionysus (Bacchus) weren’t winged either, apart from Hermes and that wasn’t natural wings but technological ones.

The question is, could some, most, even all of the above be aliens? What entities are the most likely of the candidates? I personally would expect intelligent aliens to resemble something humanoid but not human and thus most of these winged beasties fit that bill although perhaps the winged gods and goddesses are illustrated as a tad too human to come across convincingly as extraterrestrial, with perhaps the exception of Hermes and Perseus.

Hermes and Perseus are obvious candidates being a god and demigod respectively who employ high technology to get around, the sort of high technology not yet to hand here in the 21st Century.

Mothman is a candidate since that beastie was associated with a UFO flap in the local area at the time.

Fairies could be extraterrestrial. They abduct people (like the UFO ‘Greys’); they have control over space and time, another trait UFOs seem to exhibit; and they inhabit rather exotic home worlds (extra-solar planets perhaps).

But the best candidates IMHO are the Cherubim. They are larger than humans by a wide margin; they are exotic looking; they are multi-winged; they are associated with UFOs (that ‘Wheel of Ezekiel’); they have an extraterrestrial home base even if it is Heaven. They have the added advantage from a cultural perspective of being Biblical. Greek mythology is still widely read and part of our culture, but way more people are willing to accept Biblical mythology as reality. The logic IMHO doesn’t follow, but that’s the way it is.


Source by John Prytz

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Lorne Michaels must have a rabbit’s foot in his pocket or something. Time and time again, he finds the funniest and most brilliant comics to put on SNL. From Eddie Murphy to Steve Martin, Mr. Michaels has discovered the key to finding great comics. It’s no wonder, that he has his hands in the production of the greatest night-time talk show on the planet: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy is the best talk show host on the planet right now. And he has the best band in the world, “The Roots” to back him up. The Roots are the greatest band in the history of Music. They have the best drummer and one of my favorite rappers as well. They perform improv rap songs, by using random audience members, asking them questions, and then they perform a song about the audience member’s answers. How cool is that? The monologue on Jimmy is incredible. I always loved him on Weekend Update, but he has escalated into the Johnny Carson realm with his new show. His monologue reads like a skit from SNL, with a little Weekend Update Influence. From his games, Pros and Cons, the water game, Beer Pong and Thank you notes, he keeps the whole hour entertaining and enjoyable. His musical guests are out of this world, Bruce Springsteen, performed for almost the whole show and it was awesome. R. Kelly performed 2 nights straight and I found myself not wanting the show to end. They were both two awesome performances. Jimmy Fallon is the new King of Late Night, now if we can just get him to start fist pumping again.


Source by Defoncia Herndon

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Live TV programming for the iPhone or iPod Touch is a reality and is now available for free. But before we get into the how to access Live TV in your iPhone, it is well worth to mention how far the iPhone has come!

Apple gets the credit for creating the toy of the (haps) decade. The iPhone is everything you ever wanted in a small device that fits in your pocket. During the early 90s we could have never imagine to posses a device that could connect to the Internet, perform at the same strength of a mid-range computer, play video games on the go, contain our own music collection and make phone calls and not even imagine that this device would fit in the palm of our hands!

Its now 2009 and Apple created a device that can do all that and more, the name is iPhone.

With the revolution of the Internet, the iPhone has become the MUST have toy. The iPhone is a geek's dream and gadget seeker's delight. With thousands of applications developed for the iPhone, consumers are now able to;

– Play Video Games

– Stream videos through the Internet

– Make Phone Calls

– Find friends in social networks right from your phone. (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc)

Free Live TV for the iPhone or iPod Touch

All of these cool features in the iPhone sound pretty and dandy, but it all comes with a price (as usual). There are still some very good free services developed for the iPhone and one of those services is Internet TV for iPhone or iPod touch.

As Internet speeds increase by the minute, more and more Television stations are taking their programming to the ever changing world of streaming media. The difference between streaming media and Internet TV is that TV through Internet is live TV programming and streaming media basically means stored media sitting on a server to be transferred through the Internet.

And although most of the TV Broadcasting corporations across the world have moved their programming to their website homepages, there is only ONE website that combines ALL channels currently available in the Internet form ALL over the world into one website. All it takes to begin watching TV in your iPhone or iPod Touch is select the country on a list of all countries available and then select the channel that you wish to watch. The steps are very simple and it can become addicting very fast!


Source by Raul Guerridos

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Many of us have felt the pain of our investments over the past couple of months and especially over the past few weeks. As we speak the stock market fluctuations are creating havoc with individual investors and hard working employees’ retirement accounts. This is precisely the reason why investments alone can not be counted on as a supplemental and/or prime source of income, there are just too many what-if’s involved.

Many people seek advice from me on what to do because they know that I invest in stock derivatives. The first thing I tell people are to spread there money and time around and I don’t mean diversification in the stock market (yes that is important) but in other money making ventures. People just don’t realize how incredibility easy and affordable it is to set up a business working out of their own home. The market I’m talking about here is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing campaigns means that you’re basically selling other people’s products in return for a commission which is sometimes up to 75% of the selling price!!! There are many techniques involved that I will not get involved in here but it is not that difficult to start making a few hundred bucks a week.

Thousands of people everyday try affiliate marketing but very few make money doing it. It is very easy to get frustrated because the big money is not instantaneous and list buildings as well as writing good copy are prerequisites. Of course anything to do with writing can be hired out at a relatively cheap price from some websites (elance comes to mind). If you are knowledgeable about something and have average writing skills you can get started right away without paying someone else.

What I tell people is to start simple and ask people in the industry that have had success lots of questions. This is not a business you can do alone out of a hat. Even though it’s a home based business it involved working with and talking to others that are in the know and setting up joint ventures with those people. After a few successful sales you’ll be ready to create your own front-end and back-end products at which point you’ll notice a steady influx of income. The beauty of your own product is that you don’t have to sit and think up your own product from scratch. Find out what products are selling and are on the incline. Take those products and make your own improvements and sell the improved product.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra income if you’re willing to work at it. Like I said, it’s easy to start up but it takes work to get it up to speed. Given the current state of the economy we really don’t have the luxury to sit on our hands while your investments are going down the tube. Start by creating another stream of income.


Source by Matthew Faery

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